Wednesday, August 7, 2013

USS Constitution - Assembling the Spar Deck

Having the spar deck previously prepared, it was time to assembly it. This was a delicate operation. The large plastic pieces were not completely horizontal, and, in order to make the glue fix all of them in the correct position I needed to improvise some temporary "tools".

First, I had to be careful to pass the threads for steering wheel through the corresponding holes on the deck.

After countless checks and tests, I finally put some glues on the supporting tabs on the hull and on sides of the deck. I squeezed the deck in the place, then I started securing the parts using plastic coated copper wires, to keep the hull sides in contact with the edges of the spar deck until the glue dried.

Additional weights in some places kept the deck from rising from the glued supports on the hull sides

And the final look, with the helper materials removed

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