Monday, September 2, 2013

USS Constitution - Pinrails and catheads

In this episode I cover the easy assembly of the pinrails and cathead, as a preliminary step for going through rails assembly.


Some time ago, I prepared the pin rails (cleaning, painting).

It is more convenient to assemble the pinrails before the guns, but this way it will be harder to solve the gun rigging, so I postponed it after finishing the guns. The assembly is straightforward


There are two catheads to be assembled, the starboard and the port. Pretty good shape, not too much cleaning required.

I prefered to glue the two eyebolts and one cleat on each cathead before putting them on the deck, it was easier to handle while detached.

Finally, for attaching to the deck, I needed to make some small adjustments, to fit in place. It is important to fit well, so the forcastle rail that will be assembled later will have contact with the hull side.

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