Wednesday, August 28, 2013

USS Constitution - Arranging the Bow

In this post I will cover the head timbers, water pipes and knighthead eyebolts.

The Head Timbers

It is time to take care of the bow of the ship. Assembling the head timbers and the grating is a challenging task. First, I prepared the head timbers for starboard and port, and the grating (cleaning, painting):

At this point, the instructions are not clear about the order of the assembly. After a lot of checks and rehearsals, I decided to assembly the timbers separately, then to glue them together with the grating on the bow.

Fixing the assembled head timbers on the bow, together with head grating, and keep them in the right position while the glue dries is a delicate task. For this, I needed a lot of accessories.

The warning from the instructions needs to be considered: the grating should be glued below the two rectangular holes in the head timber sides. Those holes will be used later.

Enough with the hard tasks! Some easy steps remaining.

The Knighthead Eyebolts

After the glue dried, I took care of remaining details on the bow. First, the knighthead eyebolts

The Water Pumps

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