Tuesday, August 20, 2013

USS Constitution - Spar Deck Details (Part II)

Most of the next details on spar deck were easy to solve - take the pieces, clean them, paint them and then glue them on the deck. Some of them, like fiferails, were a nightmare during cleanup, due to a lot of leftovers from casting. Even though the steps on each detail were presented in a linear manner, I actually spent time while waiting for other phases to complete (paint or glue drying) to prepare the pieces for assembling on the deck.

This post continues the previous one with the covers the binnacles, monkey rail, fiferail, the ladders to gun deck, life boat cradles, some fore rails and galley funnel and the grills.

The binnacles

I started with the easiest: the binnacles

... painted ...

... glued in place...

The Monkey Rail

The monkey rail is the the piece on the left side from the picture below

... to be put in its place on the deck:

The Main Fiferail 

This piece required a lot of work on deburring...

... painted ...

... and glued ...

The Ladders to the Gun Deck

They, too required a lot of deburring

... and then glued on the deck. I had to pay attention to the positioning, the ends of the ladders are different, one end is designed to fit in the pair of corresponding holes on the gun deck, and the other to be slightly forced into place, on the margin of the spar deck.

The three ladders in place:

The Life Boat Cradles

Other Fore Fiferails

I continued then with the other kind of "...-rails": fore fiferail

... starboard and port fiferails

... and fore crossrail

... assembled together on the deck:

The Galley Funnel

... and gluing...

... then painting ...

... and finally, assembling in its place on the deck.

The Grills

... the spar deck looks more interesting

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