Monday, July 29, 2013

USS Constitution - Preparing the Lifeboats

The following steps were performed while filling the time waiting for paint to dry. Since the life boats will be assembled only later, and there are no dependencies on other steps, I could start with them way before they will be needed.

There are seven lifeboats to be put on main deck. They are simple to assembly and to paint, as all of them are delivered in two pieces - the hull and the seats. Separate oars will be eventually put in each life boat.

As usual, some cleaning and deburring is required...

... and two coats of paint for hull, seats and oars:

glued together, they finally look like this:

The final touch - the eyebolts on some of the life boats that will be suspended later. Due to previous painting, I needed first to clean up the holes.

... and then glue the eyebolts.

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